Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue potatoes!

In June, when I was graduating from my yoga teacher training I gave each participant a purple seed potato. I gave one to our teacher too. This is what she got from one seed.

I also harvested mine this weekend as the mosquitos have taken a break. I didn't get as many from one - probably the same amount from 6 plants. I didn't get out to weed often enough because of the bugs and it really shows in the lower volume.

Potatoes don't like competition and need space. Much like those on yoga mats. Although we should only use ourselves to compete with. Compairing ourselves to our mat partners can make us feel very insecure and lead to us forgetting why we practice in the first place. Each day with practice we get more flexible in our bodies and minds to as well. We need to create a space between our thoughts through meditation; on and off the mat. Sooner or later if you practice long enough you get a desire to eat better. More vegetables and less processed food. While it is recomemded for yogis to eat a vegetarian diet, some of us can't do that so eating local free range grass fed meat is a friendly compromise.

I have been a vegetable patch gardener most of my life. I developed a love for it from my father. He was young when he passed away 18 years ago and I feel less lonely without him when I am in the garden. We spent many weekends in the summer up at our cottage and when we returned home on Sunday evening, I would run from the car to the garden to see what changed. I still do that now. Each growing season I plant many different types of tomatoes; beef steak, early girl roma and 2 yellow varieties. My daughters and I planted cherry tomatoes seeds back in April on the day that my husbands father passed away. They are now red and producing such sweet tastes. It is a good way to connect them to him so maybe next year when we do it again, they will think of him.

After harvesting all afternoon, my back was quite stiff. Upward dog was not as smooth as normal but I softly persisted. I am thankfull this morning to have done so as there isn't a crick to be found.

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  1. Hi Kristen,

    I was so excited when you told me you had started a yoga and gardening blog that I had to come over and have a peek right away! I was even more excited to see this shot of the blue potatoes.

    I planted my seed potato from you (2 plants) but I haven't harvested it yet. I have never planted potatoes before (I'm a bit of a "random" gardener...) so really have no idea when to harvest. But saw some blue above ground the other day and thought it quite cool ... so perhaps it is time to check them out.

    I think that is a beautiful connection to your father in law. My dad was a tomato-gardener. That was his favourite thing to grow and he always made stuffed tomatoes at the end of the summer when we had a big corn roast. So I always have to plant tomatoes and it always makes me think of my dad and smile.