Friday, August 21, 2009


I love coincidenses. Only about an hour after writing my very first post about how mosquitos can ruin a contemplative time in the garden, I read this.... by Liz Gilbert of Eat Pray Love in conversation with Oprah Winfrey.

After Italy it was on to India, where Liz says she was searching for inner peace. "There was something about that yoga path that really appealed to me—and you do that through silence and the discipline of meditation—and I really wanted to go pursue that full out."I did a little meditation test on myself one night. I said, 'I'm not moving from this place. I'm going to meditate.' And then came the mosquitoes. And I thought, I'm not going to slap at them because I've spent my life slapping away at every little reflexive thing that irritates me, and I'm going to sit through this to show I'm the master of myself and we'll start with the mosquito bites and work down to the soul—and it kind of worked."None of this works without stillness," Liz says. "One of the great teachings that I learned in India is that silence is the only true religion."

Even though I am a certified Yoga teacher, it doesn't mean I am wise. I am knowledgable about the safety of a yoga practice, about how yoga can heal and make you strong. I learn every day and some lessons I learn more than once. Each person we come across wether it is in person, on the radio, in print or on television, they are all teaching us something. Every mistake, accident or success is a lesson.

Coincidences are reminders of these lessons. I don't have a-ha! moments, I have oh ya, moments. I need to be reminded of many of lifes lessons. So before you can make a judgement about anything, you can stop and think - what is this moment teaching me?

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